International Fellowships Program (IFP)

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Over the past 10 years, Pathfinder has supported the recruitment, selection, and preparation for studies abroad, as well as ongoing monitoring and support for a total of 175 fellows.

Since 2001, the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program in West Africa has been coordinated by the Association of African Universities. Pathfinder supported the Nigerian program, which involved the recruitment, selection, preparation for studies abroad, and ongoing monitoring and support for fellows.

In the past 10 years, Pathfinder supported a total of 174 fellows. The final selection of fellows was made in July 2010 with a total of 24 final inductees to the program. All 24 have gained admission to schools in the US, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom. A total of 112 alumni have returned to Nigeria and registered their continuing work with the Alumni Association. As the project draws to a close, alumni activities have intensified, with the formal launch of the Alumni Association last September.



Your support is critical to ensuring our work can continue. Your gift of $25 or $50 helps women and families access contraception, maternal and newborn care services, and a range of other reproductive health services.

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