Putting Reproductive Health Back on the Map: A Demand Driven Approach for Increased Funding for Family Planning

Pathfinder is improving the funding environment for contraception in Tanzania through the five-year project funded by the Tides Foundation, in collaboration with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, through the Money Well Spent initiative. The project’s goal is to promote a more efficient and higher quality service delivery system through three overarching strategies:

  1. Increase national focus on family planning within key policies and strategies
  2. Enable district governments to allocate family planning and reproductive health funding more efficiently
  3. Leverage AIDS funds in support of family planning

Pathfinder has cultivated a close working relationship with the Ministry of Health and other major family planning actors in the country. It also has a leading role in convening high-level policy meetings to address the lack of inclusion of family planning in policy documents, as well as meetings with senior government officials and other leaders to influence their buy-in to a more prominent role for family planning. Forums conducted by Pathfinder with community members resulted in a milestone achievement as local leaders drew up action plans and committed five percent of their own source budget to the family planning budget. Pathfinder built off of this success with work in additional districts.



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