Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Safe Abortion in Mozambique

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Through this highly collaborative project, Pathfinder supports national advocacy on abortion law reform.

Funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this project addressed gender-based violence prevention and response services, as well as to the quality and availability of safe abortion care services in the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane. The project integrated prevention and response to gender-based violence with a comprehensive package of sexual and reproductive health services, including safe abortion care and postabortion care. The project also contributed to Pathfinder’s ongoing support of national advocacy on abortion law reform.

The project achieved significant progress, including the completion of an assessment of project health facilities; training of facility-based providers; orientation of providers, staff, and public pharmacists on provision of emergency contraception; initial plans for the establishment of integrated service centers providing medical, legal, and psychosocial support to survivors of gender-based violence; collaboration with Inhambane-based paralegals; and groundwork for the gender-based violence referral system.

Pathfinder supported local community-based organizations including Forum Mulher, LRH, Malhalhe, Centro Esperança, and PROLIR, helping them provide input to national discussions on the need for expanding safe abortion and postabortion care services, abolishing fees for services, and reducing administrative barriers to providing and receiving abortion services.

Additionally, Pathfinder conducted trainings for 52 police officers and 25 community police volunteers, educating them on issues related to gender-based violence, including how to recognize signs of gender-based violence and how to support survivors and refer them for services. Nearly 1,000 women and girls received police and paralegal support as a result of this project. An important outcome of the project is the provision of integrated reproductive health services for female victims of violence, including emergency contraception in the police station.



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