Strengthening Regional Training Institutes and Expanding Community Access to Quality Family Planning Services through the Population Welfare Department, Punjab & Sindh Provinces, Pakistan

Photo by Pathfinder Pakistan

Regional training institutes are an important source of learning and teaching for providers in the Department of Health. By strengthening these institutes, we can improve the quality and standard of training throughout the country.

Photo by Pathfinder Pakistan

To date, regional training institute curricula and services needed to provide quality reproductive health and family planning services are often insufficient. So, the project will help revise them.

With funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Pathfinder is implementing a two-year project to improve pre-service trainings at Regional Training Institutes, with focused work at Lahore (Punjab Province) and Hyderabad (Sindh Province). The project harmonizes efforts to expand and enrich quality family planning/reproductive health services through the government network of family welfare centers in two selected districts (Kasur and Khairpur) in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. This project is built on Pathfinder’s previous efforts and is recognized by the Health and Population Department as part of a consistent and continued contribution for better family health in Pakistan.

Since the project’s inception, Pathfinder staff have completed a review and revision of the existing training, "Curriculum for Family Welfare Workers." Pathfinder has worked with the Pakistan Nursing Council to incorporated training on healthy timing and spacing and post abortion care developed by Pathfinder into nursing training curriculums.



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