Voices for Choices

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Pathfinder is committed to ensuring that women who arrive at a health center for contraceptives can get them.

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The project works with the government so that it honors national commitments for increased funding for contraceptives and continues to invest in these critical services.

The Voices for Choices project ensured district level contraceptive service and supply budget analysis was used to inform national government spending, and that the government commitments for increased funding for contraceptives were honored in the budget.

Pathfinder ensured data based on budget analyses and service provision from the community was used to inform decision makers at the national level—advocating not only that contraceptives be included in the budget, but also that budget pledges are disbursed and spent as intended, in order to meet to the public’s family planning needs.

This project elevated Pathfinder’s current advocacy efforts for better use of budgeted funds to ensure equity in utilization of family planning services. To achieve this goal, Pathfinder and its local partner, Sikika, conducted several key project activities including budget analysis training, presentation of the findings to stakeholders, ongoing monitoring, and the production of policy briefs from the analysis report.


  1. Document government budgets versus actual expenditures for contraceptives over the last three years in Tanzania.
  2. Identify and document challenges and best practices for closing gaps between national funding for FP and end-user access to contraceptives and FP services at the health facility level.
  3. Implement an advocacy strategy to ensure the government’s increased allocation of funding for, and proper spending of, funds for contraceptives.
  4. Build the capacity of Pathfinder and other local organizations working in advocacy to use budget tracking and analysis tools for strategic, evidence-based advocacy that will sustain project outcomes.


Your support is critical to ensuring our work can continue. Your gift of $25 or $50 helps women and families access contraception, maternal and newborn care services, and a range of other reproductive health services.

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