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In Peru, Pathfinder’s family planning work has been especially important. For nearly 40 years, we have helped expand access to contraceptives, build the skills of providers, and strengthen training systems.

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“Pathfinder led the program that established Peru’s national accreditation and recertification system, ensuring medical providers’ knowledge and skills are up-to-date,” said Dr. Miguel Gutiérrez, Pathfinder’s Country Representative.

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Today thanks to enormous strides made in the country’s public sector and improved access
to reproductive health services, the fertility rate has decreased dramatically—from 6.5 in 1969 to 2.6 in 2009.

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More women are choosing the size of their families, but too many challenges persist. For example, an estimated 425,000 clandestine abortions are performed annually, often putting
 women’s lives or health at risk.

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Pathfinder partners with government and medical leaders to ensure women’s access to care to manage complications from unsafe abortions. Always, this includes immediate contraceptive services to help women prevent future unwanted pregnancies.

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“Pathfinder supports 25 hospitals. We’ve trained close to 900 providers in comprehensive postabortion care,” said Miguel. “And by training trainers, we’ve enabled the government to expand its postabortion care program to 100+ facilities.”

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This means more women can access the comprehensive services they need, and that Peru’s progress can continue

Pathfinder International works in Peru to establish, expand, and improve the quality of tuberculosis prevention and immunization services, family planning and reproductive health (including safe abortion), and maternal and child health service delivery.

Why Pathfinder Works in Peru

Pathfinder first started working in Peru in 1983. The country has made enormous strides over the last 30 years in the growth of its economy and the development of its public health sector. Thanks to great improvements in the availability and quality of reproductive health and family planning services, Peru has seen its fertility rate drop from 6.5 births per woman in 1969 to 2.5 births per woman today. Nonetheless, great disparities in access to quality health care services still exist. Well-equipped health facilities and trained personnel are heavily concentrated in middle-class urban areas, particularly metropolitan Lima. The overcrowded settlements at Lima’s periphery—products of urban migration—are increasingly underserved, as are many of the country’s geographically isolated areas in the Andes and the Amazon basin. The reproductive health consequences of poor access to basic health care, low modern contraceptive use, and high rates of unsafe abortion are particularly serious for these high-risk populations.

Today, Pathfinder provides technical assistance in family planning, maternal and child health, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, and the prevention and control of infections like tuberculosis and malaria. In each of these areas, Pathfinder acts as a facilitator in cross-cutting processes like quality management, human resources training, and the promotion of health behaviors at the community level.

In the last 10 years, the prevalence rate of modern contraceptive methods has remained virtually unchanged, while the use of traditional methods has witnessed significant increase, especially those used among the poorest women living in rural areas.

Evidence for Decision-Making

A key aspect of Pathfinder’s approach to systems’ strengthening is collecting data that enables public, private, and community partners to make informed health-related decisions. In Peru, examples of the kinds of data we collect range from the “number of trainers trained on immunizations for Pneumococcal, Rotavirus and Human Papillomavirus” and the “number of small community vaccine campaigns ” to the “number of secondary-level students (age 12-16) reached by activities promoting respiratory health and TB prevention.” Some illustrative data from Pathfinder’s recent projects in Peru include:

  • 634 professional teachers of basic regular education from secondary level have been trained in TB prevention
  • 610 health care providers have been trained on Pneumococcal, Rotavirus and Human Papilloma Virus vaccinations
  • 693,465 community members have participated in TB prevention activities

Building Capacity, Strengthening Systems

The Peruvian government has long-recognized that strengthening health and community systems in Peru would greatly improve the accessibility to and quality of sexual and reproductive health services for many urban and peri-urban citizens. Pathfinder works to strengthen systems and build capacity in Peru by establishing partnerships with key government agencies, universities, and schools.

These partnerships have, for example, allowed Pathfinder to:

  • Implement an effective model of postabortion care in hospitals run by the Ministry of Health
  • Assist in building the capacity of health providers
  • Promote and administer the WHO-endorsed immunization strategy throughout Lima
  • Address local barriers to vaccination by forming a network of interdisciplinary teams in each region of the country to combat the myths and prejudices surrounding vaccines

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Pathfinder International works in Peru to establish, expand, and improve the quality of tuberculosis prevention, family planning, reproductive health, and maternal and child health service delivery. Your gift of $25 or $50 is essential in ensuring that our work continues.

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