AIDS, Population, & Health Integrated Assistance plus Nairobi-Coast

APHIAplus Nairobi-Coast strengthened health systems and institutions at every level to expand access to an integrated package of essential health services. These services spanned: HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment; contraception; maternal, neonatal, and child health; and services to prevent and treat malaria and tuberculosis.

Project Date: 2011 - 2016
Funder: USAID
Country: Kenya

What We Did

  • Built the capacity of health providers to offer quality HIV prevention and treatment services, ensure consistent supply of vital HIV medicines, and partner with communities to stop new HIV infections
  • Integrated contraceptive services with HIV, maternal health, and cervical cancer services
  • Focused on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents—the largest generation of young people in history—as they come of age
  • Worked with both communities and health facilities to recognize pregnancy danger signs, ensuring access to skilled birth attendance and improving the quality of health care
  • Challenged harmful gender norms by engaging women and girls, men and boys, and key influencers in examining the root causes and effects of harmful stereotypes and gender inequities
  • Partnered with communities to address the social determinants of health including livelihood strengthening; food security; and water, sanitation, and hygiene

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