Gender Roles, Equality, and Transformations

In post-conflict northern Uganda, Pathfinder joins the Institute of Reproductive Health at Georgetown University and Save the Children to develop and test a package of innovative activities to transform gender norms, reduce gender-based violence, and promote gender equality and sexual and reproductive health among adolescents ages 10-19.

Project Date: 2010 - 2016
Funder: USAID
Country: Uganda

What We Do

  • Create opportunities for young people to debate important topics—the ways girls and boys interact, how they share power, and how it affects their health
  • Meet the needs of young people at their various life stages—from very young adolescents to married and parenting adolescents
  • Train and mentor Uganda’s Village Health Teams to respond to adolescents’ urgent sexual and reproductive health needs
  • Support community leaders and parents to take part in trainings to end harmful gender norms and become GREAT champions
  • Engage young people using a community game, a serial radio drama, activities, and flipbooks, so they have fun while transforming their thinking

Project Staff Members

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