Assessment of Health Facilities and Health-Seeking Behavior in the Greater Mahale Valley - The Tuungane Project
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September 2011
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Assessment of Health Facilities and Health-Seeking Behavior in the Greater Mahale Valley: The Tuungane Project

Recognizing that healthy ecosystems enable people to live healthier lives, and that in turn healthier people are able to be better custodians of ecosystems, in March 2011 Pathfinder and partners conducted a rapid needs assessment of the area’s health facilities and communities in the Greater Mahale Valley in Tanzania. The Greater Mahale Valley is home to the Mahale Mountain National Park (MMNP) and Lake Tanganyika. With its 30 villages and settlements, this remote area of Western Tanzania comprises 17 percent of the world’s available fresh water and 90 percent of Tanzania’s endangered chimpanzee population. This brief discusses the assessment’s findings and their implications for Tuungane, a Population, Health and Environment (PHE) project implemented by Pathfinder International and partners The Nature Conservancy, Frankfurt Zoological Society, and the Government of Tanzania.

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