August 2007

Improving Access to Safe Abortion Care and Services in Northern Karnataka, India,

Pathfinder commissioned a baseline study prior to the implementation of the Improved Access to Safe Abortion Care project (IASAC) and a midterm assessment after about a year of implementation. The study sought to understand the extent to which medical providers offer abortion services and follow standard protocols for abortion services and the extent of community knowledge regarding abortion.

Related Publications

September 2014

Abortion Policy Scan for Advocacy

This tool is intended to help organizations assess the legal context for abortion; assess the actual/on-the-ground context for abortion; and identify challenges to and opportunities for improving access to safe abortion through policy change.

June 2013

Securing Equitable Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care in South Africa: Technical Update

This technical update discusses Pathfinder South Africa’s experience supporting youth-friendly comprehensive abortion care service delivery in public sector facilities, providing recommendations for future such efforts.

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