December 2011

Straight to the Point: Assessing the Political Environment for Advocacy (Multiple Languages)

This tool helps a team understand the environment they are working in and the key factors they need to consider as they develop their initiative.

More In This Series

July 2014

Straight to the Point Capacity Building Tools (Multiple Languages)

Taking into consideration implementers limited time and resources, the tools in Pathfinder's "Straight to the Point" Series provide clear, concise guidance on a variety of issues related to program design, implementation, and evaluation.

January 2011

Straight to the Point - Advocacy

The Straight to the Point advocacy tools are intended for organizations that want to include in-country advocacy and public policy work among their programmatic strategies.

Related Publications

August 2013

Straight to the Point: Mapeando uma Estratégia de Advocacia (Multiple Languages)

Esta ferramenta ajudará você a planificar uma estratégia concreta para atingir seu objectivo, incluindo a definição de actividades específicas.

August 2013

Straight to the Point: Estabelecendo Prioridades para Advocacia (Multiple Languages)

Esta ferramenta vai ajudá-lo a dar o primeiro passo no desenvolvimento de uma iniciativa de advocacia - seleccionar um problema para defender.

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