Behavior Change
October 2011

Straight to the Point: Evaluation of Behavior Change Activities (Multiple Languages)

This simple checklist will help you conduct a “straight to the point” assessment of behavior change activities, focusing on issues like facilitation, language, and participant engagement.

More In This Series

August 2013

Straight to the Point Capacity Building Tools

Taking into consideration implementers limited time and resources, the tools in Pathfinder's "Straight to the Point" Series provide clear, concise guidance on a variety of issues related to program design, implementation, and evaluation.

October 2011

Straight to the Point: Evaluation of IEC Materials (Multiple Languages)

This "straight to the point" evaluation looks at the communicative aspects listed on the checklist and rates the material in question on each of the aspects.

October 2011

Straight to the Point: Assessing Partner Capacity for Behavior Change Activities

This tool provides a"straight to the point" means of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of BC implementing partners. It offers ideas and suggestions to help supervisors assess partner capacity in a systematic manner.

August 2013

Evaluation des Activités de Changement de Comportement (Multiple Languages)

Au cas où une organisation qui supervise/met en oeuvre ne peut procéder à un suivi et une évaluation formels, elle peut toujours utiliser l’évaluation « droit au but » en posant des questions simples et en collectant de simples observations.

August 2013

Avaliação de Actividades de Mudança de Comportamento

Tomando em consideração os limites de tempo e recursos dos implementadores, as ferramentas da série Directo ao Ponto oferecem-lhe uma orientação clara e concisa sobre uma série de questões relacionadas com o design, implementação e avaliação de programas.

Related Publications

March 2014

Health of People and Environment Lake Victoria Basin Baseline Study: Synthesis Report

In 2012, HoPE LVB conducted a baseline study to inform project design and determine baseline values for key outcome indicators.

March 2014

Food for Thought

A TRAIL intervention in Burundi focused on three behavioral objectives; for each objective a video was produced using information from Pathways to Change to illustrate the problems associated with the objective.

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