Abortion Policy Scan for Advocacy
Abortion Advocacy
September 2014
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Abortion Policy Scan for Advocacy (Multiple Languages)

This tool is intended to help organizations assess the official policies and laws governing abortion care as compared with the actual situation, and identify challenges to and opportunities for improving access to safe abortion through policy change. A team can use this tool as an interview guide with key informants and a research guide when studying relevant documents. After assessing the policy and on-the-ground contexts for abortion and identifying opportunities for advocacy using this tool, users should turn to the Straight to the Point Advocacy package to plan a specific advocacy initiative.

Related Publications

May 2016

Strategies to Advance Abortion Rights and Access in Restrictive Settings: A Cross-Country Analysis

This publication explores strategies to advance abortion access and rights in four countries—Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, and DRC—with differing degrees of legal and social restrictiveness. Through semi-structured interviews with Pathfinder field offices and partners, this publication highlights approaches to advance abortion access and rights common across all four countries, as well as approaches unique to each country’s legal and social context.

December 2014

Análise para Advocacia da Política do Aborto (multiple languages)

Este instrumento foi concebido com a intenção de ajudar as organizações a: avaliar o contexto legal do aborto; avaliar o contexto real do aborto; identificar desafios e oportunidades para melhorar o acesso ao aborto seguro através de mudanças nas políticas.

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