Advancing Health & Rights Through Integration


In a year of remarkable achievement, what was most exciting?

The answer—integration—is the theme of Pathfinder's 2013 Annual Report. Pathfinder is a leader in implementing programs that address people's many interconnected sexual and reproductive health needs, because we understand how real people live their lives. When integration is implemented properly, it enables projects, health systems, and organizations like Pathfinder to meet the needs of those we serve cohesively, as they experience their day-today challenges, without burdening them further. Integration makes life easier and health care more accessible. And, as you will see in Pathfinder's 2013 Annual Report, it changes lives.

ten ways to explore 2013:

1. share the impact we made together

The Impact We Made Together

With your support, people around the world made more than 5.6 million visits to health facilities for contraceptive services—and that's just the beginning. Click to view the full version of this infographic or to share on Facebook.

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2. explore the full version of our 2013 annual report

Annual Report 2013

The Way We Live: Advancing Health & Rights Through Integration

Pathfinder is a leader in implementing programs that address people’s many interconnected sexual and reproductive health needs, because we understand how real people live their lives.

See how integration led to better results last year in South Africa, Mozambique, Pakistan, and beyond.

3. spread the good news: Grace & benson's story

Grace and Benson thumbnail
Grace and Benson had a mission—a healthy future for themselves and their baby.

With the help of three incredible women, whom Pathfinder has the privilege to support, they had reason to hope.

4. see your contribution go further: Pathfinder's 2013 financials

Total Expenses 2013
We know that you have options when you decide to make a gift to a charitable organization. We appreciate that you choose Pathfinder and our mission to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights everywhere.

We ensure best-in-class financial management to make your generous gift go even further for the people who need it most.

5. discover the power of women in egypt: "opportunity now"

FORSA blog
As a divorced woman in Upper Egypt, Sherine faced extreme poverty and stigma. Then she was hired as an outreach worker for a Pathfinder project called FORSA.

Read more about how FORSA is making a difference in the lives of women like Sherine and her clients.

6. make the connection between people, health, and their environment

PHE ThumbnailHow can communities make lasting improvements to their sexual and reproductive health when the ecosystem they rely on is at risk?

Read more about our integrated approach—"Population, Health, and Environment"—and how it meets interconnected needs in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

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7. journey to Pakistan for a video snapshot of our maternal health work

Pakistan Better Birth Outcomes
Watch how Pathfinder is addressing Pakistan’s high rate of maternal mortality by empowering women to time and space their pregnancies and by building capacity of the government’s powerful cadre of Lady Health Workers.
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8. relive pathfinder's victory at the supreme court

Supreme Court APP
This year, with your support, Pathfinder won a battle we have fought since 2005—and took all the way to the Supreme Court.

Pathfinder challenged an unconstitutional law requiring us to set a policy explicitly opposing prostitution. Read more about this monumental victory.

9. take it from peer educators in mozambique: female condoms are power

Female Condom Video
Watch this award-winning short film about the power of female condoms in Mozambique.

Meet inspiring young men and women like Deolinda, a peer educator and advocate who teaches other young people in her community about safe sex.
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10. celebrate ethiopia's national achievements in family planning

Mengistu Asnake, thumnail integration video
At this year's International Conference on Family Planning, Pathfinder's Dr. Mengistu Asnake received one of the first ever EXCELL Awards for excellence in family planning.

Watch to hear Dr. Asnake discuss the power of integration and the impact of Pathfinder's flagship Integrated Family Health Program.
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Purnima, Clarence and Sara Gamble would be very proud of your leadership in preserving the Pathfinder commitment to having every pregnancy wanted. Pathfinder 1962 and 1963
Bob Gillespie December 9, 2013
I am happy with your activity about familly planning for changing the world. Continue and integrate with other health problems and better to include in health all curriculum . Thank you Ethiopia
Gebre Yitayih: Ethiopia December 9, 2013
Excelente trabalho de todos os membros Pathfinder o vosso plano estratégico de saúde i direito é sresolveruma mudança de metalidades nos paises em subdesenvolvimento e nos paises pobres deste mundo
eusebio manuel vestias pecurto December 9, 2013

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