Women Who Dare: Fostering Gender Equality
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March 2013
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Women Who Dare: Fostering Gender Equality and Addressing Violence Against Women

This Spring 2013 edition of Pathways explores Pathfinder's work in gender equality through the stories of women like Celia, a nurse and family planning advocate in Mozambique.

Worldwide, women grapple with cultural norms that deem their use of family planning unacceptable. Celia tells the story of her patients—women who don't take their health records home for fear of the repurcussions should their partner find out they are using contraception. At Pathfinder, we're working to change that by challenging gender norms and incorporating unique contraception methods like the female condom in our work.

Read to learn more about our key approaches to improving gender equality and ending gender-based violence in countries like Mozambique and Uganda.

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