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Moving Forward: Pathfinder’s Contribution to the Global HIV & AIDS Reponse

Moving Forward offers an overview of Pathfinder’s comprehensive approach to prevention, care, and treatment of HIV and AIDS in developing countries. Pathfinder’s eight priority intervention areas are illustrated through highlights of country projects, as well as references to relevant publications and tools.

These priority areas are:

  • Coordinating Comprehensive Services through Community Home-Based Care
  • Expanding, Improving, and Leveraging HIV Counseling and Testing
  • Linking Facility and Community Services for Treatment and Adherence Support
  • Integrating Family Planning and HIV and AIDS Services to Address Clients’ Reproductive goals
  • Packaging Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Services for Mothers, Infants, and Families
  • Targeting Youth to Expand Access and Improve Quality of Services
  • Engaging and Supporting Vulnerable groups
  • Mobilizing Multisectoral Approaches for orphans and Vulnerable Children


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