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5 Things That Make Us Pathfinders

What would you add to the list?

Did you know 2017 marks Pathfinder’s 60th anniversary? Here’s our top-five list of things we think everyone should know about who we are and what we’ve been able to do thanks to friends like you.

1. We’ve got history. Pathfinder International has been bringing contraception to women who want it since 1957. That was more than a decade before Roe v. Wade, when contraception was illegal in some US states—and women in Connecticut could go to jail for using it. Today, we’re still working to make contraception available to everyone who wants it—people like Mbuyi, a mother of 15 who never knew she had a choice about getting pregnant.


2. We go where others haven’t. Our programs are often the first of their kind. Last year, we partnered with the government of Haryana, India to offer injectable contraceptives to women—the first time this effective contraceptive method was approved for use in public facilities in India.


Dr. Farouk Jega with young mother in Nigeria

3. Our work is locally driven—and it lasts. Nearly 90% of our staff come from and work in the countries we serve. They shape sustainable, community-led programs that meet urgent and long-term local needs.


4. We stand up for what we believe in. When harmful laws put people’s health at risk, we take action. We took our largest funder to the US Supreme Court to stand up against policies that would put people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights at risk.


5. Our work won a United Nations Population Award. The UN recognized us for “pioneering many advances in family planning—often in challenging or even hostile circumstances.”

We’re ready for another 60 years of helping people everywhere lead the lives they choose. Share this post and tell your friends what being a Pathfinder means to you.