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Tell the Biden-Harris Administration: Take Urgent Action For Global Health

With so much volatility in Washington, D.C. right now, we’re staying grounded by focusing on how we can create the most impact possible in the coming weeks and months.

On Inauguration Day January 20, we are calling on the Biden-Harris administration to immediately restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO), and repeal the global gag rule.

The incoming administration supports each of these actions, but we need your help to ensure they are a top priority — immediately.

The women and girls we serve can’t wait — and the more supporters who sign our letter, the more power it has to best affect change, even amid the instability that has recently spread across the Capitol. Sign our letter to the incoming administration now.

President Biden and Vice President Harris,

On your first day in office, we are calling on your administration to immediately restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO), and repeal the global gag rule. These crucial actions would reverse dangerous Trump-era decisions that hurt people and cost lives:

1. The UNFPA brings critical services to women, girls, and communities, to help them reach contraception and reproductive health care they would otherwise go without. The $100 million contribution from the U.S. is just a sliver of the $2.3 trillion U.S. federal budget.

2. The WHO plays a key role in family planning, HIV, maternal health, and malaria programs around the world. To rejoin, you must simply halt the withdrawal initiated by President Trump.

3. The Global Gag Rule, which prohibits U.S. foreign aid from funding programs that even mention abortion, costs women’s lives. An immediate Executive Order is critical to remedy this injustice.

These three steps are the beginning of what will be a sustained journey toward re-establishing the United States as the world’s leader and critical partner in advancing global health and ensuring essential health care is within the reach of communities around the world, no matter their circumstance.

I join Pathfinder International’s call on the incoming Biden-Harris administration to support these urgent global health priorities starting on Day 1.

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    Thank you for standing up for urgent global health priorities – and for women and girls everywhere. To cut through the noise and make our voices heard in the halls of power, we must build a coalition of support. That means we need your help to spread the word.

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    Thank you for taking action. Ready for the next step?

    The last four years – 2020 especially – moved the needle backwards on the global health challenges we’re dedicated to solving. Access to lifesaving health services like safe births, clinic-based abortions, and contraception became ever more scarce, putting the women and girls we serve at even greater risk.

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    About Us

    Pathfinder has worked to improve health systems by advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for 63 years. Our staff are part of the communities where they work and invested in making things better. They know what works and what doesn’t.

    From global networks to national influencers to local community-based organizations, women, youth, and adolescents—we work strategically and diligently to bring about policy changes that support access and funding for SRHR. Especially now, during this global crisis, when women and girls need these services more than ever. Through our local partners in Nigeria, we quickly learned that cases of gender-based violence were skyrocketing during COVID-19 lockdowns. We worked with those partners to reopen health centers and gender-based violence support centers, despite the lockdowns.

    With your partnership, we’ll keep pushing for women and girls to have the services they need despite every barrier they have before them—even a global pandemic.