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Women and Climate: A Global Movement

Food, energy, and water insecurity are increasing in the climate-vulnerable communities where we work – the enormity of climate change demands innovations at every level. Pathfinder International has worked at the nexus of women and climate for almost a decade. The two issues are inextricable. Our women and climate programs have not only cleaned up the environment and made natural resources more sustainable but have also fostered gender equality and resilience—preparing communities to withstand shocks and stressors from climate change through the leadership of women and girls.

A Global Movement

Climate change is the most powerful challenge we have before us, and we need to act now. We are building on our women and climate programs to ignite a global movement—one for women’s leadership in climate adaptation and community resilience.

We know that improving women’s lives helps address our planetary crisis, yet women’s resourcefulness remains the world’s greatest untapped resource. Women are disproportionately affected by climate change and disasters, and they are also the fabric that holds their communities together. The movement for women and climate will foster partnerships that apply climate solutions at scale to build women’s and girls’ agency, foster more resilient communities, further climate justice, advance reproductive rights, and reverse global warming.

Women will be at the helm of this global movement, locally and globally, to ensure climate solutions address their needs and the needs of their communities. Across communities, this means giving women and girls access to contraception and reproductive health care and educating girls, so that they have the agency to lead. Across nations, this means making sure women are decision-makers and can push for climate-friendly, gender-equitable policies that include access to sexual and reproductive health care. Globally, this means fully supporting women to lead international dialogues and calls to action that simultaneously advance gender equity, climate justice, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Women-led resilience

At Pathfinder, we have invested in making women, girls, and communities more resilient to climate change through multisector programs that marry health and the environment, empower women and girls, and support the viability of communities.

Programs like Tuungane in Tanzania and HoPE-LVB in Kenya and Uganda forested deteriorated landscapes, made natural resources more sustainable and food supplies more secure, kept girls in school, allowed women to start environmentally friendly businesses, and gave women and men access to contraception, building healthier, more sustainable communities. We are now taking this work to the next level by forming new partnerships to apply the most effective, integrated climate solutions at scale.

Shifting the course together

Pathfinder is looking for bold partners and philanthropists to help us chart the path. Join with us to shape global climate solutions in a progressive, rights-based way. We must step up quickly and publicly to ensure that climate solutions come from and work for women around the globe.

Please reach out to connect.
Barbara Merz, Resilience Development Fund Leader