Changing Lives in Myanmar

The government of Myanmar has pledged to expand access to contraception—so at least 60% of married women ages 15-49 can use it by 2020.

Pathfinder has a long history of supporting the health and rights of the people of Myanmar. Today, we bring knowledge and expertise from our programs around the globe to help our local partners in Myanmar break through barriers. So women and families can get the quality reproductive health services they need and deserve.


What We Do in Myanmar

• Partner with the Ministry of Health, international NGOs, and donors to highlight the need for contraception and other reproductive health services

• Bring together global experts, government officials, and health providers to share knowledge and find solutions for expanding access to contraception in Myanmar

• Conduct workshops for health officials from every level of the government, so they gain support to improve their policies and guidelines for contraception

• Engage key stakeholders to dedicate increased funds for sexual and reproductive health, so all people—even the poorest—get the care they need

• Make sure essential drugs and supplies, including contraceptives, are always available

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Together, we can ensure a path forward for all.