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Gender-Inclusive COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Join Riaz Mobaracaly, Pathfinder Mozambique’s Country Director, during the panel discussion: Gender-Inclusive COVID-19 Response and Recovery, which will take place during the Global Health Council’s Global Health Landscape Symposium. REGISTER >>

This year, symposium will focus on exploring diverse perspectives against global health threats. Under the current global health security framework, and other the past several decades, certain issues can easily be privileged over others, at times crowding out solidarity for the sake of security. The lack of clarity over how “global health security” is defined, whose health and security are at risk, who needs protecting, and which issues fall under the global health security umbrella. While COVID-19 has demonstrated the true threat to security and global impact that infectious disease can have, affecting populations and economies worldwide, there are downsides to a narrowly focused objective within such a complex and multifaceted topic as global health. GHLS21 will bring in voices of civil society, historically underrepresented populations, implementers, advocates, academia and policymakers, to share their own experiences and recommendations in the design, governance, and implementation of health security policy and programs.