Gender Equity Initiative

Pathfinder International supports every person, no matter their gender, to make critical decisions about how their lives will unfold. For millions of women and girls, this has meant deciding whether or when to marry and have children. Across the countries where we work, we have advocated for policies and run programs that build more gender-equitable societies.

Despite our longstanding commitment to gender equity, we know there is more we can do.

In 2019, we launched the Gender Equity Initiative (GEI) to critically examine how we advance gender equity—both through our programs and internal structures, systems, and policies. The GEI allowed us to comprehensively assess the state of gender equity across our offices in 17 countries.

The Gender Equity Initiative ensures that the commitment to gender equity in our programs is reflected internally across our organization and our local teams around the world.”
Lois Quam, President and CEO, Pathfinder International

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Based on the results of the assessment, we arrived at a Gender Equity Strategy (2021-24), codifying our shared commitment to gender equity and outlining practical steps toward fostering greater gender equity across our programs and throughout our organization.

Our action, priorities, and commitments are as follows:

Pathfinder is committed to transparency in our GEI efforts to not only hold ourselves accountable but to share best practices and lessons learned across the sector to advance gender equity. On a semiannual basis, we will release updates on the status of our commitments, highlighting achievements, work in progress, and specific learnings.