Forging new corporate partnerships

to help women and girls reach their potential

Corporate partnerships have been part of Pathfinder’s work since our inception. We know that our work has the greatest impact when it is done in partnership with local governments, community stakeholders, global donors, corporations, and individual philanthropists. These collaborations provide rich knowledge and information, bring significant health improvements to the communities we serve, and open new areas of opportunity for all involved.

We’re always looking for new partners in the private sector that align with our mission: ensuring that women and girls in every community can forge their own path to a healthier future and lead the lives they choose. The private sector plays a strong role in making that happen – supporting economic growth and job creation, working with women and girls as employees and consumers, and supporting financial opportunity for the communities we serve.

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There are a number of ways we can partner:

We are grateful to these corporate partners for their support of our work: 
Pathfinder’s guiding principles for Corporate Engagement

At the core of our work is the conviction that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to decide whether and when to have children, to exist free from fear and stigma, and to lead the lives they choose. This conviction is supported through the development of strategic partnerships that are entered into thoughtfully, with careful consideration given to possible unintended effects.

These guiding principles aim to:

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A mother and her newborn in General Hospital Ogoja in Nigeria. Photo credit: Seun Asala.

Community Health Worker discusses contraceptive methods with a client in Pakistan. Photo credit: Ali Asghar.

Nurse provides counseling to a client in Mozambique. Photo credit: Maren Vespia.