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HopeLVB Toolkit

Table of Contents

Section 6: Resources and Reference Materials

Below is a list of data collection instruments used by HoPE-LVB. Several were created for the specific needs of the project monitoring plan while others are those already in use by the Ministry of Health as indicated below.

6.1 HoPE-LVB Project Data Collection/Reporting Tools

At the community level:

  1. Village Health Team/Community Health Worker reporting form
  2. Community group reporting form (e.g for Beach Management Units, farmers, young mothers groups, women’s and youth groups
  3. Model household assessment forms
  4. Model household visitors log
  5. Cluster leader’s form
  6. Crop yield form
  7. Beach Management Unit Fisheries log (for landing site fish length and catch weight)
  8. Outreach reporting form
  9. Referral form

At the health facility level:

  1. Health facility assessment tool
  2. Health facility monthly summary data collection form

At the project level:

  1. HoPE-LVB dashboard

6.2 HoPE-LVB Training Materials

  1. Community Worker Training in PHE


6.3 Information on Additional Activities

  1. Integrated outreaches and Campfires
  2. Community Dialogue Meetings
  3. HIV Information Dissemination
  4. Malaria Detection Capacity Building

6.4 Beyond HoPE-LVB—PHE Reference Materials

  1. Uganda Scale-Up Strategy
  2. Kenya Scale-Up Strategy
  3. PHE program site selection criteria
  4. Job Aid: Discussion Guide fro HoPE-LVB Peer Educators
  5. Videos and Documentaries
  6. Links to websites with useful information on PHE