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Building Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

Climate change is the most powerful and all-encompassing challenge we have before us. It threatens every aspect of people’s lives: from their access to nutritious food and clean water to a woman’s ability to earn an income and a girl’s chance of staying in school. It threatens the very foundation of their lives—their ability to maintain a home and survive.

At Pathfinder, we invest in making women, girls, their communities, and our entire planet more resilient to climate change through Women-Led Climate Resilience. At the heart of this multi-sectoral approach are programs that marry health and conservation interventions, empower women and girls, and support the viability of communities.

Women-Led Climate Resilience empowers women and girls as leaders and changemakers in their communities and families, specifically by improving their:

Tuungane & Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania

When we arrived on the shores of Tanzania’s Lake Tanganyika ten years ago, we met communities in crisis. They suffered from isolation, poverty, and a rapidly growing population reliant on poorly managed natural resources.

We worked with The Nature Conservancy to launch the Tuungane program, reaching communities near the lake with transformational support. Over the past decade, Tuungane has reforested deteriorated landscapes, strengthened natural resource management, and made food supplies and livelihoods more sustainable. More girls have been able to stay in school, women have started their own environmentally friendly businesses, mothers deliver their babies safely, and women and men have more contraceptive options.

9,124 farmers trained

on climate-smart agriculture, increasing crop yields and money earned from selling produce, improving nutrition, and reducing sediment run-off into the lake and pressure for additional agricultural land.

7,031 people

(6,764 women and 267 men) received a voluntary family planning method through mobile outreach events.

The result? Communities are more resilient and likely to thrive in the face of climate change. Pathfinder is taking evidence from the Tuungane pilot approach and applying it elsewhere to build resilience in the face of climate change and other crises—including in Tanzania itself through Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania (LCWT). LCWT is a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute that builds on lessons learned from Tuungane, scaling up integrated programming to new areas of Tanzania.

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