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Comprehensive Safe Abortion Care

There are approximately 20 million unsafe abortions every year.


Unsafe abortion remains a leading cause of maternal death in sub-Saharan Africa. Pathfinder reduces barriers and increases access to comprehensive safe abortion care—that is, safe abortion and postabortion care services.

Program Highlight: Supporting Family Planning and Abortion Services (Impacto)

The Supporting Family Planning and Abortion Services project (locally known as Impacto) seeks to boost gender equality in nine districts of Mozambique’s Manica and Tete provinces. Impacto addresses myths, beliefs, and misconceptions about abortion and contraception by building the capacity of community-based organizations to help protect women’s and young people’s rights.

Funder: Government of Canada

Access to safe abortion care in Mozambique is the law, and it is every woman’s right to seek this option should she choose it. Pathfinder’s Impacto Project works to destigmatize this critical work—saving lives and shifting social norms in the process.”

— Riaz Mobaracaly, Country Director, Mozambique

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