Health Systems Strengthening

For more than 60 years, Pathfinder has worked to build strong health systems, understanding that when health systems are strong, we achieve the best outcomes for sexual and reproductive health.

For Pathfinder, this means training and supporting a strong health workforce, building up health infrastructure, integrating new and existing technologies, and advocating for robust funding and evidence-based policies.

Sexual and reproductive health is a critical component of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)— which will be reached when all people have access to the health services they need, when and where they need them, without financial hardship. To achieve UHC, we first need to strengthen primary health care systems, a suite of services across health facilities and linked to communities for physical, mental, and social well-being.

Removing Barriers to Health

Health systems strengthening can’t take place without knowing what challenges people face to attain good health—and then removing them.

Transform, 2016-2022

Reaching more than half of the Ethiopian population, the USAID Transform: Primary Health Care program strengthens Ethiopia’s national health system.


Youth participants enrolled in “Her Space” sites. Photo: Talia Flores

Engaging the Community

“HEALTH POST OPEN HOUSE” EVENTS enable health workers and community members to share ideas, identify barriers to use of health services, promote health services at health post level, reinforce mutual responsibility, and develop action plans to address health care challenges.

COMMUNITY SCORECARDS enable community members to monitor and evaluate the kind of services they receive from health providers. Transform provides community feedback directly to health facilities, increasing accountability and transparency between health providers and clients.

MALE ENGAGEMENT increases the knowledge and involvement of men in reproductive and maternal health, since they often hold decision-making power and control financial resources, influencing women’s access to life-saving care.

COMMUNITY-BASED HEALTH INSURANCE provides vulnerable populations, especially women and children, access to modern health services that would otherwise be paid for out-of-pocket.


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Header photo: Sirawdink Worku, 25, at maternity ward in Kidamaja Health center, Banja woreda, Agew Awi zone, Amhara region, Ethiopia. Photo: Genaye Eshetu