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Contraceptive Choice for First-time Parents in Shinyanga

Pathfinder, through our Evidence to Action project, makes sure young mothers and first-time parents can access contraception and gain the support of their community to use it. This initiative is part of our Expanding Contraceptive Method Mix in Shinyanga project—bringing full contraceptive choice to underserved communities.

Project Date: 2015 - present
Funder: USAID
Country: Tanzania

2,900+ young married women counseled by community health workers on sexual and reproductive health and contraception

1,170+ young married women referred to the health facility for long-acting reversible contraceptive methods

1,150+ husbands and partners, in-laws, & others with influence over young women’s health decisions gained information during home visits

935+ young married women participated in support groups established and supported by our project

What We Do

  • Make sure first-time parents have access to contraception so they can decide whether and when to have children and forge their own path forward
  • Establish support groups for young mothers, so they can discuss their shared experiences and thoughts about contraception
  • Partner with the government to train health providers to deliver high-quality services for contraception and maternal and newborn care to first-time parents without judgement or bias
  • Make sure young couples have access to counseling to improve joint decision-making on household matters—including contraceptive use
  • Create a supportive environment for young people’s use of contraception among parents, mothers-in-law, and religious leaders, who have significant influence

Project Staff Members

Rita Badiani

Director of the Evidence to Action Project

Rita brings over 25 years of experience in program management and development, primarily in family planning, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, and population studies....

Joseph Komwihangiro

Senior Country Director

A medical doctor with more than 15 years of experience leading and managing donor-funded health programs in Tanzania, Dr. Komwihangiro combines his technical experience with his passion for helping...

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