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The Iniciativa Project, funded by the Flemish International Cooperation Agency, improved the technical knowledge, advocacy skills, and organizational strengths of five youth-focused civil society organizations—LUARTE, Kutenga, Nova Vida, AREPACHO, and Kupulumussana—in Gaza and Tete provinces and Maputo City.

Project Date: 2012 - 2016
Funder: Flemish International Cooperation Agency
Country: Mozambique

Trained 293 organization staff in technical topics and advocacy (like gender, prevention of pregnancy, gender-based violence, STI prevention, family planning and contraception, and safe motherhood)

Held 16 institutional capacity building assessment workshops

All 5 youth-focused organizations developed an annual organizational improvement plan based on Pathfinder’s capacity assessment

777 events or activities held among the organizations to promote exchange of experiences and networking

What We Did

  • Developed the organizations’ skills in partnership, self-assessment, organizational ownership, continuous learning, and applied skills building
  • Completed the development of tools for advocacy and educational materials for continuing education and mentoring; specific monitoring in the areas of advocacy, governance and management, administration and finance, programmatic progress, and conducting technical discussions; and development and implementation of institutional sustainability plans
  • Partnered with the youth organizations to lead advocacy activities with district, provincial, and national governments and implemented demand-generation activities in their communities

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