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Noting gaps in young people’s understanding of contraception, this project leveraged a unique opportunity—the growing use of mobile phones. We helped Mozambique launch its first-ever youth-centric text messaging campaign, delivering information and stories about sexual health and contraception straight into the hands of young people.

Project Date: 2013 - 2014
Funder: USAID
Country: Mozambique

2,000 young people made more than 17,000 requests for information

Only 2% of users opted to unsubscribe from the SMS messages

10,000+ contraceptive methods requests were received—the most common ones included injectables and IUDs

What We Did

  • Used our innovative Pathways to Change game to help participants identify various social, interpersonal, and structural barriers to behavior change
  • Developed compelling and relatable role model stories to address family planning access and uptake, covering topics youth face in choosing to start or continue a family planning method
  • Crafted informational SMS messages about each contraceptive method
  • Offered young people a “Frequently Asked Questions” function where they could ping the system to find answers to questions as well as information about sexual and reproductive health, including information on a range of contraceptive methods

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