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Bolstering Multisectoral Action to Address Gender-based Violence and Advance Health & Rights

This project worked with communities to combat the harmful gender stereotypes that perpetuate violence, trained health providers and police officers to offer respectful services to survivors of violence, and advocated nationally for survivors’ rights.

Project Date: 2014 - 2017
Funder: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Country: Mozambique

72,636 people reached through individual, small group, or community-level activities that explicitly address gender inequality or gender-based violence

More than 24,000 women and girls received at least one service for gener-based violence through project-supported facilities

32 health facilities now offer integrated gender-based violence services with referral linkages for legal and psychosocial services

21 advocacy & awareness-raising events organized by the national Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Health

What We Did

  • Partnered with community leaders and local organizations in Gaza, Inhambane, Cabo Delgado, and Maputo provinces to promote gender equality and challenge the harmful gender stereotypes that perpetuate violence
  • Trained health providers and police officers to offer a range of services to survivors of violence, and strengthen linkages between and across services
  • Built the capacity of health facilities and health systems to reduce stock-outs of essential drugs and supplies critical for violence survivors (such as emergency contraception and post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV transmission)
  • Played a leading role in the national Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Health, and organize advocacy events related to gender-based violence and the rights of survivors

Project Staff Members

Riaz Mobaracaly

Senior Country Director

Riaz is a proven leader in public health with more than 10 years of experience in the management and implementation of national, provincial and district level health programs with specific focus on...

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