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The Salaamati Project

With a focus on young women, this project makes injectable contraceptive services available for the first time in the public health sector by training health providers in provision of all methods, including injectables, and working in communities in India’s Haryana State to spread the word that injectables are available.

Project Date: 2015 - present
Funder: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Country: India

129 health facilities now offering quality contraceptive services, including injectables

278 doctors & nurses trained in provision & counseling of contraception

2,000+ community health workers & supervisors trained to increase awareness of, & generate demand for, contraception

11,000+ new users of injectables at project-supported facilities

What We Do

  • Strengthen health systems to ensure quality contraceptive service delivery, including injectables
  • Make sure a full range of contraceptive methods—including injectables—are always available, so people of all ages can choose the option that’s best for them
  • Train community health workers to increase awareness of the availability of a range of contraceptive methods, including injectables
  • Advocate for scale-up of injectables to local, regional, and national stakeholders, based on this pilot demonstration

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