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Beyond Bias Evaluation: Addressing provider bias in contraceptive service delivery for youth and adolescents

Addressing provider bias in contraceptive service delivery for youth and adolescents: an evaluation of the Beyond Bias project

The Beyond Bias project conducted a randomized controlled trial to evaluate its intervention designed to reduce family planning (FP) provider bias toward young and adolescent women in 233 clinics in Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and Pakistan. The project’s hypothesis was that by understanding what drives provider bias (defined as negative attitudes or beliefs that manifest in judgmental, non-empathetic, and/or low-quality provider behaviors), small changes can be made to shift these biases and to remove provider-related barriers youth face when attempting to access sexual and reproductive care. Overall, our results suggest that the Beyond Bias intervention improved important aspects of FP care for all types of clients, not just the target group, but had minor effects on FP methods received by young clients.

The evaluation briefs, in English and French, present a condensed report out of the analysis and findings from the Beyond Bias evaluation. The evaluation report, in English only, provides an in-depth look at the study design and methodology, analysis, and findings, discussion, and recommendations.


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