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Institutional Capacity Building: Tanzania End of Program Evaluation Report

The African Youth Alliance (AYA) was launched by Pathfinder, PATH, and UNFPA in the fall of 2000. AYA sought to improve overall adolescent sexual and reproductive health and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections in four African countries – Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda. AYA was funded with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and administered through the U.S. Committee for the UNFPA. Pathfinder International’s contribution in each of the AYA countries was the development and expansion of youthfriendly
services and institutional capacity building.

This report highlights the results of the work done to strengthen the institutional capacity and sustainability of 24 local implementing partners in Tanzania. AYA achieved the following results in Tanzania:

  • Intensive institutional capacity building intervention results: All six sampled organizations improved their organizational capacity from baseline to endline. All organizations improved in the elements of management practices, external relations, and sustainability. These improvements are likely due to technical assistance provided by AYA/Pathfinder in the areas of management leadership, proposal development, and reporting. There were mixed results across the organizations in the elements of governance, financial resources, and service delivery, and all but one organization declined in the human resources element, an area where AYA/Pathfinder did not provide any technical assistance.
  • General institutional capacity building intervention results: The sampled organizations showed gains in the areas of financial management, MIS, and proposal development. All organizations made some improvements in their financial systems, though improvements in scores varied across the organizations ranging from improvement in four to ten of ten elements. Organizations made their greatest improvements in MIS, ranging from improvement in 11 to 13 of 13 elements. Organizations made some improvements in the area of proposal development: all sought additional funding. The organizations still need to go on with the development and monitoring of strategic fundraising plans or else put systems in place to identify potential funding opportunities.
  • Overall results: Although institutional capacity building interventions take time and need a series of progressive activities to create enough momentum to shift an organization, AYA/Pathfinder achieved commendable results in Tanzania. Organizations receiving intensive institutional capacity building support have strengthened internal management systems and are now better positioned to provide more effective services to their clients. The development of a computerized MIS system, the creation of an MIS training team, and the commitment of organizations to continued internal capacity building efforts will yield positive results beyond the AYA program.

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