Integrating Gender-based Violence First Line Response into Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

The GBV-SRHR Service Integration Toolkit was developed as a practical guide and resource compendium for health system managers, program managers, and civil society groups working to strengthen quality of and access to health sector-based GBV response services. This toolkit provides practical tips, implementation tools, and provider job aids. This toolkit provides resources and guidance for integration of GBV and SRH at multiple stages. It can be used across a range of contexts—ranging from those where integration is being introduced for the first time to contexts where GBV-SRH service integration has begun and faces challenges in operationalization.

The 2022 edition is focused on enabling integration of GBV disclosure and first-line response across primary SRH services. For guidance and tools specific to advanced medico-legal and/or forensic services, users should access the WHO’s Strengthening the Medico-Legal Response to Sexual Violence Toolkit.

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