Meet Adalgisa Viola Ronda

Technical Director, Mozambique
“Working at Pathfinder allows me to actively participate in the development of my own country. I can provide better family planning services to women—the engines of society—so they can plan for their future.”

Adalgisa Viola Ronda has nearly 10 years of experience public health project management, planning, designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating activities through supervision of district coordinators and maternal and child health nurses, including sexual and reproductive health officers. She is currently the clinical services director for our Integrated Family Planning Program in Mozambique. She joined Pathfinder in 2010.

In her current role, Adalgisa establishes the service delivery strategic direction of the Integrated Family Planning Program and ensures quality implementation. Previously as the health manager for Pathfinder, Adalgisa led the implementation of health programs at the community and health facility level for the Strengthening Communities through Integrated Programming project in Mozambique’s Nampula Province. She has also been involved in training health professionals in sexual and reproductive health and family planning at the provincial level.

Adalgisa has her medical degree from Eduardo Mondlane University and is finishing her Master’s in Public Health at the University of Pretoria. She speaks English and Portuguese.

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