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Meet Jessie Druga

Board Member, United States
“It’s an easy decision for me to give what I can each year to Pathfinder. I’ve seen my dollars in action in countries like Egypt, and I know what critical health services Pathfinder provides. I’m honored to support this courageous organization as a donor and a board member.”

Jessie Druga is a founding member of Young Advocates for Pathfinder in New York City and served as the group’s co-chair from 2010-2014. She joined Pathfinder’s board in 2014.

Jessie has demonstrated her commitment to environmental awareness and community engagement through her positions with non-profit environmental organizations in Washington, DC as a public high school science teacher in Manhattan’s Washington Heights, and as co-founder of a nutrition-based entertainment company for young children.

She holds a BA in environmental studies from Oberlin College and a MA in science education from Teacher’s College at Columbia University. Jessie lives with her family in Boulder, Colorado.

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