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Meet Maruan Barakat

Global IT Service Director, United States
“I genuinely believe that the most powerful and positive action in a world full of inequity and poverty is to create transformation. And transformation only happens when we understand diversity, respect cultures, and establish partnerships to join us towards excellence.”

Maruan Barakat brings over 18 years of experience in product development in Information Technology in a wide range of cross-cultural settings and organizational environments. After seven years as the IT Manager in Mozambique, he currently serves as the Director of Global IT Services. He joined our team in 2005.

While in Mozambique, he had the opportunity to work within diverse settings (e.g., UNFPA, host governments, and civil society organizations in the developing world) and across district-, provincial-, country-levels and global-levels. Importantly, this experience has provided him with the technical and interpersonal skill sets to meet the needs of many kinds of users facing an array of problems.

Maruan has long been known as the person to call if you need to “get it done”. Maruan’s lived-experience working in IT in Mozambique gives him a unique perspective within the IT Business Unit and within Pathfinder as a whole. Energetic, attentive, and unfailingly customer-focused, he has built and maintained IT’s Global Service model.

Maruan has a BIT in IT Management from UNISUL in Brazil. He speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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