Help us thank the team of women who make our work possible all around the world – especially during this pandemic.

Across the 17 nations we serve, we partner with local health workers, caregivers, and activists who do the legwork needed to bring more women and girls health care — and empower them to make their own choices.

They are the unsung heroes of our work, and we need your help to give them the deep thanks they deserve.

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    She Works For a Healthier World

    Our health workers and advocates make this world better, safer, and more equitable for everyone. Meet some of these incredible women who make our work possible:


    Health Worker

    Edith Oresha is a nurse at Vipingo Health Facility in Mombasa, Kenya — delivering critical health services to an under-resourced community.

    Edith has helped hundreds of young mothers deliver healthy babies. She conducts regular home visits to young mothers and expectant teenage girls including those who are HIV positive, mentoring these women in a variety of topics.

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    Elisa had her first child as a teenager, becoming a mother when she still needed her own.

    Elisa now works as a community health worker in Mozambique, helping teen girls make the reproductive decisions that are right for them. Elisa’s work empowers young women, preventing unwanted teen pregnancies and STIs.

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    After losing her husband, Bushra entered the workforce for the first time in order to provide for her family.

    Working at an NGO in Pakistan, Bushra has faced many obstacles — including harassment on her way to and from work. She remains undeterred, and is now a strong advocate for sexual and reproductive health in her community.

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    Health Worker

    Fehmida has been a Lady Health Worker for 17 years and is responsible for bringing sexual and reproductive health services to her village in Pakistan.

    She was married at an early age and gave birth to her first child when she was in tenth grade, but continued her education. After a complicated pregnancy brought her the help of a Lady Health Worker, she was inspired to provide those life-saving services to other women in her community.

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