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Adetoun Ilumoka

Presidents' Council

Dr. Adetoun Ilumoka was born and raised in Nigeria, mainly in the city of Lagos. A qualified solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, she has practiced and taught law in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

For over 3 decades, Dr. Ilumoka has been an active campaigner for social justice, focusing on women’s health and reproductive rights, gender equality and socio-economic development and working through several local and international organisations and networks. An accomplished law and policy researcher, she has done extensive work on human rights, constitutional development, and land law, making vital linkages between academic research, policy and programs that improve people’s lives. Her current interests are promoting women’s land rights and affordable housing, basic education, and basic income within the context of community development and empowerment. A committed feminist, she is passionate about mentoring young leaders and developing linkages between social justice and development organisations to promote positive social change around the world.