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Action Center

Our most dedicated advocates are leading the fight for global health equity, but we can only make a difference if we work together. Find new ways to use your voice and speak out for women and girls around the world!

Test your contraception knowledge!

FACT: Contraception saves lives and strengthens our communities. Test your knowledge about the realities of contraceptive access.

Contraception & Family Planning

Fundraise for Pathfinder

Rally your community to support the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women worldwide.

By starting your own personal fundraising campaign on Facebook, you can ensure our programs reach those who need it most. Just $100 could supply contraceptive care to 20 women for three whole years, allowing them to prioritize their health, pursue an education, and shape the futures they want and deserve.


Prefer to chip in directly? When you start your monthly gift now, you’ll be joining the ranks of our most dedicated, valued supporters — working toward a more equitable decade ahead.

Think about it:

  • Just $25 per month can help supply contraception that can empower women living in India.
  • A monthly gift of $35 can help provide job training and education to young mothers in Mozambique.
  • $50 a month can help a person with HIV get the medication they need to survive.