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Global & Multi-country Project Leadership

Drawing on our years of experience, Pathfinder has created a strong foundation for the global and multi-country projects we implement to succeed.

For decades, Pathfinder has led and been a partner to global and multi-country projects supported by institutional donors. As a global leader in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), a key part of Pathfinder’s work is identifying program models and approaches to improve health outcomes across multiple country contexts. With support from our funders, these multi-country projects offer the opportunity to engage in meaningful cross-country learning, take advantage of economies of scale, and work with our local partners to implement emerging global best practices.

Supporting Local Leadership

Pathfinder has a long history of partnering with local nongovernmental organizations, civil society and community-based organizations, and NGOs, CSOs, CBOs, and communities. These partnerships are essential to ensuring our work is relevant, responsive to community needs, and feasible within country contexts. This is especially true for multi-country projects, where these partnerships help to ensure that frameworks or approaches are appropriately adapted to the local ecosystems and cultures in each target country.  This is why Pathfinder leverages a number of different operational models that center the inputs of our local partners, local community leaders, and women and girls from the communities we serve. Our experience clearly shows us that as a global organization, our best work happens when it is local voices driving the work, regardless of their contractual role on a project.

Communication and Collaboration

Engaged, clear, and proactive communication among the project team at all levels is essential for successful leadership, collaboration, and achievement of project results. Institutionalizing regular communication throughout the project—both between in-country staff and our global teams, and strong in-country collaboration with our local partners—ensures the sharing of effective tools, learning, and approaches within and across countries, and contributes to transparency and accountability.  

Technical Quality

Regardless of our contractual role on a project, Pathfinder brings a strong quality lens to all projects. This is especially critical for multi-country projects, where the local context and needs vary from setting to setting within a project. We pair global expertise from our staff around the world with the experience and perspective of our local partners to contribute to strategic decision-making, provide technical direction, and ensure quality. Read more about our areas of expertise.  

Agility and Adaptability

Pathfinder’s Country-Led Strategy means that critical decision-making takes place in country, closest to the day-to-day work and the communities we serve. Relying on Pathfinder’s established, decentralized management systems and systems for communication and collaboration, our staff, alongside our local partners, can assess, adapt, and pivot in preparation for and response to shifting circumstances that may arise during the project lifecycle. 

For any questions related to Pathfinder’s Global and Multi-Country Project Leadership, please contact Rita Badiani, Director of Global and Multi-Country Projects.

Header photo caption: Students play a board game called La Chance, led by a local trained facilitator. Through the game, girls explored scenarios, made decisions and experienced the consequences, answered sexual and reproductive health trivia questions, and responded to prompts that asked them to confront myths and give advice. Part of the (re)solve project. Photo: Maddie Kau

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