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Contraception & Family Planning

We know contraception means better health, more girls in school, and greater resources for families, communities, and nations.


of pregnancies globally were unintended



pregnancies occur in low- and middle-income countries each year



women in low- and middle-income countries who want to avoid pregnancy are not using safe and effective family planning methods

In over more than 100 countries and counting, our contraception programs have changed lives

Voluntary contraception helps individuals exercise their basic human right of deciding freely whether, when, and how many children they want to have. We know contraception means better health, more girls in school, and greater resources for families, communities, and nations. 

  • Giving individuals access to a full range of modern contraceptive methods allows them to exercise power over their own lives.
  • Lack of access to quality services or information on contraception leads to unintended pregnancies with grave health risks. 
  • 43% of adolescents have an unmet need for contraception, compared to 24% across all age groups. Teens’ lives depend on reversing this injustice: Complications in pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death among girls aged 15-19.
  • Contraception can do more than prevent pregnancy. Condoms, for example, can prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and HPV, which causes cervical cancer.  

Test your contraception knowledge!

FACT: Contraception saves lives and strengthens our communities. Test your knowledge about the realities of contraceptive access.

Investing in voluntary modern contraception transforms the lives of women, families, communities, and countries. It is a development ‘‘best buy’’ and is key to accelerating progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • We partner with decision-makers to make sure modern contraception is available wherever needed at an affordable cost so people of all ages can choose the method that’s best for them. 
  • We strengthen the capacity of health systems and communities to demand, access, and provide a full range of quality information and services.
  • We work with men, providers, religious and community leaders to eliminate biases and misconceptions that prevent contraceptive use. 

Give women and girls control over their future.

Your support provides the reproductive care women and girls need to thrive.

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