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Innovation & Approach

Social & Behavior Change 

Pathfinder works to increase positive practices, allowing communities to become more inclusive and equitable.

Embedding social and behavior change for sexual and reproductive health and rights 

Pathfinder’s social and behavior change work seeks to empower individuals and communities, addressing structural barriers that keep people marginalized. Pathfinder’s social and behavior change approach looks at the complex structures that drive poor health outcomes, addressing individual, social, and structural barriers.

Pathfinder’s approaches includes behavior change communication, psychology, human-centered design, anthropology, behavioral economics, social marketing and other behavioral sciences. 

Growing Individual Agency and Shifting Perceptions 

Pathfinder programs help individuals by shifting attitudes, enhancing personal agency, and shifting perceptions of social and gender norms related to these behaviors. To facilitate individuals in transitioning from intention to action, our programs focus on improving individual knowledge and skills, reducing environmental constraints, and creating salience for health-promoting SRHR behaviors for individuals and their influencers.  

 Transforming Social and Gender Norms  

Pathfinder’s social and behavior change approach works to examine the broad structures that uphold unequal gender norms. Pathfinder programs deploy communication and engagement strategies aimed at promoting beliefs that support informed SRHR decision making among individuals and their influencers at the household, community, and institutional levels.

Addressing Institutional and Structural Factors that Enable Healthy Decision Making Among Individuals, Households, and Communities

Programs use a participatory approach to support Social Behavior Change (SBC) at all levels of the social-ecological context. SBC strategies mobilize key household and community influencers to publicly champion positive social and cultural norms supporting the right for all to access sexual and reproductive health and rights. Strategic components that focus on greater community ownership and promote favorable local institutional policies and political and social accountability support and strengthen these outcomes. 

Countries using this approach
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