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Every day, Pathfinder and its committed staff change lives. Since 1957, we have partnered with local governments, communities, and health systems in more than 100 countries to ensure that people all over the world—wherever they live—have access and rights to sexual and reproductive health services, building the foundation for a more just and equitable world.

Be a Pathfinder—and impact the world!

For employment verification, contact our Human Resources department.

This is an exciting time for Pathfinder. Our programs have expanded from the dedicated work of a few committed individuals to more than 1,100 Pathfinders around the globe who work tirelessly to improve access to sexual and reproductive health in 20 underserved countries with the most urgent needs.

Our important work ensures that millions of women, men, and young people are able to choose their own paths forward.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Discrimination:

Pathfinder prohibits all forms of exploitation, abuse, and harm of the people we serve by any Pathfinder representative. Pathfinder strictly prohibits bullying, harassment, sexual exploitation, abuse, and any other act that causes injury or suffering of anyone including children, young people, vulnerable adults, and our staff. This commitment is demonstrated through our:

CREED’s Pledge for Racial and Ethnic Equity aims to create practical
and quantifiable standards for advancing REE in our organizations and
strengthen REE in the international development and humanitarian
assistance sectors to build greater organizational effectiveness and
a more equitable world for all.