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World Health Worker Week: USAID/Uganda FPA

The USAID/Uganda Family Planning Activity (FPA) addresses underlying social, cultural, and structural barriers to family planning access. For World Health…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

Uganda FPA: Youth Advocates Lead the way for Reproductive Health – International Youth Day 2021

At age 14, Sharon Ayebale became pregnant. Sharon had never learned about contraceptives and thought that family planning was only for…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

USAID/UGANDA Family Planning Activity’s First Year

LAUNCHING DURING A PANDEMIC Michael Odwongwun has 40 children. Growing up, he learned that bigger families were prestigious families— and with…

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Pathfinder Uganda has been operating since the 1950s covering more than 25 districts in all regions of the country with a strong focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal, neonatal, and child health, youth integration, gender inclusion, environmental safety & climate resilience, as well as HIV&AIDS care. Pathfinder Uganda envisions a future where everyone, even in the most challenging environments, has what they need to be healthy, thrive, and live to their full potential and its interventions are anchored on the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights.

Today, Pathfinder Uganda leads a flagship USAID project called the Family Planning Activity which is addressing underlying social, cultural, and structural barriers to family planning access so that Ugandans can freely exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights.

Across Uganda, Pathfinder is working to strengthen health systems, provide modern contraception to those who need it, and work with adolescents and youth so they can determine their futures.

  • Strengthening Health Systems 
    Pathfinder implements programs led and owned by Ugandans, who can keep services going long after we leave. We connect communities and health systems by building the capacity of community resource persons including village health technicians, local leaders, and champions; national-level leaders and policy makers, so people, including the most marginalized, receive the contraceptive services they need and the quality of care they deserve. We engage multiple sectors, such health, education, gender, finance, planning, and economic development, to address the multisectoral drivers of barriers to accessing family planning services.
  • Working through Existing Structures
    Pathfinder Uganda operates and leverages on existing structures to maximize its impact on sexual and reproductive health and rights and economic empowerment  in communities.  We identify institutions, organizations, and frameworks that already have presence and influence in the target community or region. Through this we tap into local expertise, resources, and networks, resulting in more impactful and lasting outcomes.
  • Adolescents and Youth 
    Uganda is home to 5 million child brides. Of these, 1.3 million are married before age 15. Thirty-four percent of women aged 25—49 are married before the age of 18. In Uganda, Pathfinder focuses on the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of young people—nearly half of Uganda’s population, empowering them to make healthy reproductive choices. We make sure a full range of contraceptive methods are always available, so people of all ages can choose the option that works for them.
  • Gender Equity 
    Pathfinder partners with communities to tackle the root causes of gender inequality and other negative beliefs and practices that affect reproductive health, girl child education, and women’s participation in multiple economic activities, so women and men, girls and boys have equal opportunities and can freely access reproductive health services.
  • Building Resilience
    We mobilize remote communities to advance their reproductive rights and economic opportunity, while sustainably managing their natural resources. We package information about conservation and reproductive health together, so men are more engaged and willing to promote reproductive rights and their partner’s choice to use contraception.

Our Country Director for Uganda, Dr. Ritah Waddimba, met the Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng to discuss our programs that meet modern contraceptive needs in Uganda.

Investment in family planning is critical in driving the decline in maternal mortality, infant mortality, and enabling Uganda to attain improved education outcomes. Family planning is therefore a big factor for national development.

Our USAID/Family Planning activity has played a big role in revitalizing the country’s focus on addressing negative social norms, addressing leadership and governance issues, as well as improving service delivery to enable access to quality voluntary family planning services.

The Ministry of Health greatly appreciated the complementary role of civil society organizations and implementing partners and development partners.

Photo: Dr. Ritah Waddimba, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng and Sharon Adero

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