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Unintended Pregnancies


People Over 15 Have HIV


Girls are Mothers or Pregnant by 19


Women 15-49 Don't Deliver in a Facility

Featured Stories & Perspectives

Pathfinder’s Safeguarding Journey

This Q&A with Janeth Paul Mziray was cross posted from Impact and Innovations Development Centre. Pathfinder is a global non-profit organization that…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

m-mama: An Emergency Transport System in Tanzania is Saving Mothers’ Lives

Imagine being transported—unconscious—in order to safely deliver your baby. That’s exactly what happened to Anna during a prolonged labor. While…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

Pathfinder Tanzania: Driving a Demographic Dividend

We know what we need to do to lift Tanzanians out of poverty, fuel a vibrant and dynamic economy, and…

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Pathfinder has worked in Tanzania for more than six decades to improve sexual and reproductive health; boost climate resilience; improve maternal, newborn, and child health; and prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence. Pathfinder works to ensure women and girls receive quality sexual and reproductive health care, including access to quality comprehensive post-abortion care abortion services.

Pathfinder’s programs across the country strengthen health systems and support community health through health worker training, use of digital technologies, and integration of conservation practices and reproductive health education.  

  • Strengthen health facilities and train community health workers so that more people in more places have access to contraceptive information and services. 
  • Implement behavior change interventions to eliminate stigma and transform harmful gender and social norms through existing platforms and networks, such as community health workers, community radio, community group discussions, and dialogues. 
  • Train health providers to deliver services young people and adolescents need and deserve, including post-abortion care that can save their lives, without stigma or bias.
  • Pioneer the use of low-cost digital technology to transform the way health care is delivered in Tanzania, creating a lifeline for people who live far from health facilities. 
  • Advocate for community health workers to provide a wider range of contraceptives beyond condoms and pills, especially DMPA-SQ (Sayana Press), paving the way for an increase in choices and self-care options. 
  • Mobilize remote communities to advance their reproductive rights and economic opportunity, while sustainably managing their natural resources. 

Give women and girls control over their future.

Your support provides the reproductive care women and girls need to thrive.

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During Security Crisis, Burkinabe NGOs Play Critical Role in Healthcare Delivery

Local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Burkina Faso’s Centre Nord, Sahel, and Est regions have been critical to sustaining healthcare delivery…

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Our Tanzania Team

Joseph Komwihangiro

Senior Country Director

Patrick Kinemo

Director of Programs

Janeth Paul Mziray

Safeguarding Director, Global Services

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