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Featured Stories & Perspectives

Partnering with Community Health Workers to Prevent Malaria Fatalities

More than half of people living in Burundi contract malaria annually—totaling more than 8 million cases—with highest prevalence in the…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

A Climate Emergency in Burundi—and How We Can Address It

Pathfinder has worked with communities on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania for more than a decade, improving their resilience to…

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Featured Stories & Perspectives

Let’s Take Care of Them: Tubiteho’s First Year in Burundi

Just as the COVID-19 global pandemic began one year ago, Pathfinder launched a new project in Burundi–Tubiteho, or “Let’s Take…

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Our integrated programs in Burundi respond to multiple health needs at once. We work closely with local partners to integrate sexual and reproductive health care with services for HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment; maternal, newborn, and child health; malaria; nutrition; and gender-based violence prevention and response to climate change resilience. We strengthen the health care system including the capacity of healthcare providers to offer quality services. We help to strengthen particularly the Emergency Obstetrical care by providing essential inputs like fuel and make available blood for transfusion given hemorrhage is the first cause death in maternal mortality.

Pathfinder works in Burundi to respond to local health needs by strengthening the health system to offer quality, integrated healthcare that advances sexual and reproductive health and rights. Operating in a post-conflict environment, our programs improve health system resilience to shocks and stressors. Our maternal and child health support provides essential interventions of high impact to reduce maternal and child mortality. Contraceptives choices, Emergency Obstetrical care, home based care for malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia for kids, platform for women led climate resilience, youth SRH solutions with universities, Post abortion care with public and private Health facilities, community dialogue for Social and behavior change. 

  • Contraceptive Choice
    We improve both the quality and reach of services that offer a full range of contraceptive choices. This means strengthening the capacity of health facilities to offer contraception and partnering with the government and private sector to strengthen the health information system and advocate for increased funding. Across communities, we facilitate dialogues with couples that encourage acceptance of modern contraception, particularly among men.
  • Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 
    Pathfinder improves young people’s knowledge and skills so that they can make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health rights. We also expand young people’s access to and use of services by improving the quality of services and stimulating demand. Pathfinder advocates for an enabling policy environment and the allocation of adequate funding to adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health services
  • Postabortion Care
    We work within communities to provide information on postabortion care and combat stigma about seeking these life-saving services. At the same time, we strengthen the capacity of providers and health facilities to provide comprehensive, quality post-abortion care. We work with the Ministry of Health to prepare and distribute national clinical and operational guidelines and with civil society to advocate for better legislation on postabortion care. 
  • Health Workforce
    Pathfinder works with health providers based in facilities to offer enhanced supervision to community health workers through simple, low-cost strategies like sharing the names and addresses of people that have missed appointments so that the community health workers can easily follow-up; broadening the services offered during each home visit; and pre-verifying data before submission to the national health information system. Our trainings for community health workers have included a focus on data collection and management; interventions proven to curb the number of mothers and children falling ill and dying from preventable causes, such as community management of common childhood illnesses including malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea; and access to the community-based distribution of contraceptives, including Sayana Press. 
  • Health Systems Strengthening
    We strengthen the capacity of Burundi’s health system to deliver quality, integrated services at scale. This includes improving the health management information system, ensuring availability of necessary supplies and commodities, and strengthening the capacity of the health workforce to respond to local health needs.

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