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Our Brand Can’t Remain Static, When We’re Taking Bold Steps Forward as an Oganization

You’ll notice some changes around here.

At a time when too many aspects of our world feel out of step with progress, it’s important that we assert ourselves as the optimistic and resolute organization we work so hard to be. That’s true for everything we put out into the world, and crucially so for the tools we use to rally new supporters to the cause of sexual and reproductive health and rights. It’s a life-and-death cause, where every ounce of support counts.

That’s why today, Pathfinder has launched a new global brand, one that represents the organization we are – an organization standing strong in our determination to forge the path necessary to do the work, regardless of the challenges we find along the way.

Our brand, our logo – they can’t remain static in a time when Pathfinder is undertaking bold steps forward. They must reflect the organization we are today. Through the brand shift you see throughout this website – the logos, photography, colors, and fonts – we seek to redefine how you see us. Yes, that’s a lot for brand elements to do, but we know that these visual external shifts are deeply representative of the shifts that we have undergone internally for years, shifts intended to bring more critical care to women across the globe.

The symbol that you see in our new logo represents this direction. It’s a guidepost, a ‘way finder’ that symbolizes the fact that we move forward, despite change, despite obstacles, and with resolute determination. As we move forward, we incorporate new technologies, innovative program adaptations, and consistent learning into everything we do – meaning that more people get critical, quality care.

We take pride in our name and what it means. We are tenacious in our determination to build better systems, resilient communities, and a world where women and girls can live the lives they choose. Through these shifts in our brand, our visual identity makes its own clear, confident statement about who we are. And that won’t change. We go where we’re needed, we break new ground, we lead the way. Thank you for standing by our side on this journey.


bec rollins
Chief Communications Officer
Pathfinder International

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