I am Resilient, I am Change (ڌرتي sindhi for mother earth)

I am Resilient, I am Change strengthens climate and disaster resilience in farming communities of Tharparkar district, Pakistan, through the leadership and engagement of women and girls. The project advances gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights by transforming harmful gender norms and attitudes that perpetuate violence against women. In addition to women and girls, the project engages men and boys, community-based organizations, policymakers, and university students to enhance collaboration between climate change, health, and women’s rights advocacy groups.

Project Date: 2021 - 2022
Funder: Multiple Individual Donors
Country: Pakistan

Pakistan is among 10 countries affected most by climate change and extreme weather events on an ongoing basis.

Germanwatch, Global Climate Risk Index, 2009-2010

67% of women reported at least one problem accessing health care for themselves.

DHS, 2017-2018

Only 34% of currently married women are using a contraceptive method either to space or limit births.

DHS, 2017-2018

38% of children in Pakistan are stunted (short for their age) and 7% are wasted (thin for their height).

DHS, 2017-2018

What We Do

  • Build the resilience and adaptive capacity of farming communities to disaster and climate-related shocks and stresses through the engagement and leadership of women and girls.
  • Empower women and girls with knowledge and skills to adopt healthy behaviors and advocate for their sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).
  • Engage educational institutions and university students to advocate for and influence climate change and SRHR policies.
  • Mobilize men and young boys to promote gender equity, be supportive partners in SRHR, and end gender-based violence.
  • Ensure community-based service providers and health workers provide quality SRHR services, including nutrition and water, sanitation, and hygiene.
  • Sensitize policymakers to the linkages between climate change and SRHR to ensure climate plans are developed with a gender lens.

Project Staff Members

Tabinda Sarosh

President, South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa

As President, South Asia and the Middle East, Dr. Tabinda Sarosh is accountable for the impact, revenue, and operating performance of Pathfinder’s programs in Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Jordan,...

Madiha Latif

Deputy Country Director


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